Vintage Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl Bongos

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 by glennmuffin posted on Apr 19, 2019 20:48

vintage slingerland black diamond pearl bongos
Vintage 1962 BDP Slingerland Bongos. These Bongos are in excellent condition. It was pointed out to me that a repair might have been made to the wrap on the stand portion where I am pointing The BDP wrap seems to have a smaller swirl, than on the Bongos them self so I am pointing that out, it looks pretty much the same to me, but I want to be as honest as possible. I will refund any over charge on shipping....
Onsale for € 244.59 and shipping from Merrick, New more on eBay...

 by maxrun91 posted on Apr 16, 2019 02:00

vintage niles badge slingerland floor tom
Vintage Niles Badge Slingerland floor tom. 3 ply maple with reinforcement rings. I'm selling what you see in the pictures only. Some minor rust spots on some of the tension rod holders....
Onsale for € 72.93 and shipping from El Paso, more on eBay...

 by sapristi64 posted on Apr 16, 2019 15:12

batterie slingerland 4 f ts chrome over wood
Batterie Slingerland 12", 13", 16" et 22" Je vends cette batterie Slingerland chrome over wood comprenant 3 tom de concert 3 plis (renfort de chanfrein). Je l'ai importé depuis le Canada en 2008. Les numéros des badges : 12" : 24900513" : 24067316" : 26971722" : 274349D'après le type et les numéros des badges et ce timeline, je pense qu'on doit se situer dans la période de production 1973-1986 et même plus précisément autour de 1976-1977. N'hésitez pas à consulter ce site de référence : Les peaux ont toutes un marquage Slingerland et sont d'origine Remo (certaines ont un double marquage) dont une avec la précision Ambassador et les deux de la grosse-caisse Weather King (j'ai mis une bande de feutr...
Onsale for € 700.00 and shipping from more on eBay...

 by mlynnlawyour8fpw posted on Apr 21, 2019 05:50

vintage gretsch usa 3 slingerland usa 1 rack toms 14 13 12 and 10 w mounts
FE FI FO DRUM- SPECIALIZING IN RARE, UNIQUE, AND VINTAGE PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT SALES- FE FI FO DRUM, has been selling on line, with an Ebay store for the past 18 plus years. Our 100% positive feedback rating over 1800 plus transactions is testament to my desire to provide the best quality items at fair, and greatly discounted prices, with all elements of a transaction with FE FI FO DRUM being handled professionally, courteously and competently. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DESCRIPTION OF ITEM FOR SALE AND MODE OF SALE. Selling the four rack concert tom drums (12. 13 and 14" Gretsch Custom Classic, 1972) and a 10" all original Slingerland. which were part of a mixed m...
Onsale for € 444.70 and shipping from Cresco, more on eBay...

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